Janik Besendorf

Janik Besendorf has been working in the Digital Security Lab (DSL) of Reporters Without Borders since its start in 2022. At the DSL, he conducts forensic analyses of digital attacks on journalists and tries to prove attacks with state Trojans in order to make them visible and to hold the attackers responsible. He also advises journalists and activists on how to protect themselves against digital threats. Privately, he is committed to data protection and freedom of information and regularly submits IFG requests to various authorities.

Profile picture: Jule Halsinger/RSF


Spied on and thwarted: Is source protection still possible in view of new surveillance technologies such as state trojans?
Christopher Resch, Gibran Mena Aquilar, Hassen Selmi, Janik Besendorf, Peter Verlinden
IT Security / Whistleblower Protection / Security / Resilience
K9 (Glass House)