Gibran Mena Aquilar

Gibran Mena is an investigative and data journalist from Mexico. In 2018 they co-founded the organization Data Crítica, where they publishes reports on a range of issues, from industrial poisoning of water sources to gender inequality to the devastating effects of the soy and meat industry, and the inequality and corruption affecting indigenous communities. Gibran has published investigative reports in national media such as Reforma, El Universal, Periodistas de a Pie, Proceso and international outlets such as El País, El Diario, Telemundo News and Next City. Gibran is currently taking part in Reporters Without Borders Germany’s Berlin Scholarship Program.

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Spied on and thwarted: Is source protection still possible in view of new surveillance technologies such as state trojans?
Christopher Resch, Gibran Mena Aquilar, Hassen Selmi, Janik Besendorf, Peter Verlinden
IT Security / Whistleblower Protection / Security / Resilience
K9 (Glass House)